Organisational committee

Henrik Warpefelt is an adjunct assistant professor at the Department of Digital Media at Södertörn University. His research is centered around the user experience of artificial intelligence and game design, with a special focus on non-player characters and generative narratives.

Harko Verhagen is an associate professor at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University. His research focuses on agent-based simulation of social interaction, social interaction in and around computer game play, social ontology and agent models, social impact of AI , and ethics in AI design and development.

Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari is a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences at Stockholm University in Sweden. Her present research foci are AI based game design, story-making games and games for mental health. Her approach includes exploration of the game design space through experimental prototypes. She has worked as a game designer in various research projects including IPeRG and C2Learn.

Christoph Salge is a Marie Curie Global Fellow working on using intrinsic motivation to evaluate game content and creating interesting NPC behavior. He works for the University of Hertfordshire.

Magy Seif El-Nasr is a professor and vice chair of Serious games at University of California at Santa Cruz where she directs the Game User Interaction and Intelligence GUII lab. Her research work focuses on developing novel artificial intelligence tools for understanding and enhancing the user experience in games and interactive narratives.

Jichen Zhu is an associate professor at the IT University Copenhagen. She is the director of the Procedural eXpression Lab (PXL). Her research interest lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, interaction/game design, and AI. Her focus is designing and developing novel human-AI interaction, especially in the forms of adaptive interactive applications for learning and health.